Business Litigation

We represent businesses and business owners in lawsuits. David Levy is an experienced trial lawyer and has over twenty years of experience in high-stakes litigation against some of the nation’s best law firms and trial lawyers.

We provide each of our clients with aggressive yet focused representation. Although we fiercely defend and prosecute our client’s cases, we do not waste time and money engaging in activities which do not advance our clients’ goals. We formulate a trial strategy as early as possible so that we can conduct discovery and develop evidence more productively and efficiently. This efficiency, combined with the fact that our billable rates are less than those of large firms, makes litigation far less expensive for our clients. Further, unlike big law firms, we provide highly personalized service, we are accessible day and night, and we quickly respond to emergencies.

Although we specialize in representing businesses in lawsuits, we also advise businesses concerning day-to-day legal issues that they face. Indeed, the Law Offices of David S. Levy serves as “virtual” in-house counsel to a number of businesses in Southern California. We assist our clients with legal issues ranging from drafting or reviewing contracts to representing them in complex legal disputes. But, regardless of the issue, we take a practical and proactive approach. We understand that it is far more economical for our clients to address legal problems when they arise than to wait to be served with a lawsuit.